Felted Alpaca Inserts

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Our felted alpaca inserts are wonderful and don't be surprised if you order more after you try them.   Made in the USA from fiber from alpacas in the USA.  The inserts are approximately 3/8" thick and available in three different sizes.   Alpaca fiber is a natural insulation and the extra layer between your feet and the cold (or hot) ground priceless.  They are naturally odor resistant and hypoallergenic.  It is simple...you just cut to fit and over time, they mold to your feet.  We recommend that you place them in your shoe or boot first and stomp around.   Carefully remove and begin to trim, or remove existing insert and trace and cut (hint: cut them the width of the scissor larger).  Since every foot and shoe and/or boot is different, this helps ensure a great fit.

Size MD fits up to 4" wide and ladies 10

Size LG fits up to 4.5" wide and 11.5" long

Size XL fits up to 5" wide and 13.5" long (up to Men's 15 EEE) 

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