Please note that we are delighted to have ranch visitors, but do ask that you make an appointment  before visiting us.  Just give us a call (417 -   533 - 5280 ) to schedule a time.  Thank you.

2017 has been an amazing year and we'd like to thank all our visitors, customers who shopped with us at shows and those who ordered on-line.  You are all truly appreciated by us.   We want to wish everyone a safe and Happy New Year.

ROAD REPORT:  Living in the country is great, but at times when the weather is bad, so is our road.  Don't hesitate to contact us about the current road condition, especially if we've had heavy rains, snow or ice.   We will post on our Facebook page if we deem the road is unsafe.   Thanks for your understanding as we value your safety and ours first and foremost

CRAZY TEMPERATURES! Mother Nature seems to be working overtime throwing us crazy temperatures this winter.  Did you know that wearing alpaca products can keep you comfortable in a wide range of temperatures?  Really!  Of course, everyone is different, so remember wearing layers is best if you are constantly going inside and out outside.

IN THE NEWS:  We were recently featured (Sept 2017) in a wonderful article about  Fiber "U" in  OurEyes UponMissouri.com  Some amazing photography from the event!


Did you catch Ozarks Live on December 7th (2015)?  We were featured as one of the twelve days of Christmas.  Here is the link if you'd like to watch it.


It all began when we met our first alpacas in late 1993,  and bought our first ones in 1994.  Then,  searching for almost two years for a ranch where we could raise them, we found what is now  Whirlwind Ranch in Lebanon, Missouri.   We have had as many as 142 Alpacas here at one time, but now we average around 25 and several Great Pyrenees livestock guardian dogs to keep potential predators away.   We raise Huacaya Alpacas at Whirlwind Ranch and have been blessed with over 350 births here.

We are very proud of the diverse Peruvian, Bolivian and Chilean bloodlines that have been incorporated in our foundation stock. We continue to strive for consistent quality - -- Our commitment to future generations of the North American Alpaca.

We gladly encourage prospective purchasers to spend time with us, both enjoying our crias' antics and learning about basic Alpaca care and management. We aim to support our customers in all phases of Alpaca ownership. We hope you will make an appointment to visit and share our excitement in these colorful fiber animals.