Alpaca Bird Nesting Ball

Our Alpaca Bird Nesting Ball began more than 20 years ago when we needed to keep our fiber from blowing in our pool.   It has been a favorite school group project here for years and the birds love it!  Over the years we began adding the cut off bits and pieces of yarn from our weaving and other fiber projects that give some of the balls a pop of color.  We've started pulling tufts out to help our feathered friends.  Place your Alpaca Bird Nesting Ball up on top of the "V" of two branches.  Tie the ribbon around the branch and let the ends flutter, catching the attention of the birds.  This way the birds can perch on the branch and not the ball.  We leave them out all year.  No two are the same. They make a great gift for the young and the old and even for the hard to shop for relative.  Small balls are approx 5" across,  Medium 7" and  Large 8".  (#171)

  This is an actual nest, and as you can see, plenty of fiber was used.

these are nests we've found on our ranch.

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