Husbandry Hints

Welcome to our Alpaca Husbandry Hint page. 
These hints were learned through trial and error and experience with our own Alpaca herd.
We were so pleased with the results we wanted to share them with our fellow Alpaca owners

number1Manure management during below freezing days can be quite frustrating. If your Alpacas are using your barn, try placing a thin layer of hay or straw on their manure pile after each cleaning. It will help keep the urine and manure from freezing together in larger clumps and make clean up easier.


number2Need to clean all those water buckets and don’t want your fingers to become frost bit? Try a pair of thin surgical gloves. Even if your skin does get wet, your body temperature actually warms the trapped water inside the glove, keeping your hands warm.


number3Are your Alpaca’s toenails caked with mud and debris and in need of a trim? Old toothbrushes or nailbrushes work great at getting it out and giving you a better view of what you are going to trim. This simple step will also help extend the life of your cutters.


number4The small plastic 35mm-film canisters have many wonderful uses around the Alpaca barn. They are perfect size for collecting manure samples for fecal tests, for dipping umbilical cords and for storing small tubes of antibiotics so they won’t get accidentally squished. Don’t have a 35mm camera? Visit your local photo lab and ask for the ones customers have left for developing.


number5Is your Alpaca cria kit too cumbersome? The aprons with a bib work great. Try sewing on some extra pockets to hold the items you may need. The apron will also keep your clothes clean if you have to pick-up a newborn wet cria. Don’t forget a place for a pocket camera to record your Alpaca’s birth.


number6Want to get your Alpaca’s attention for a photograph and don’t have someone around to do it? Try using a remote controlled toy. The results are amazing!