Alpaca/Cotton Quilt Batting

Pacafil Needle punched Quilt Batting is all natural, no glues or resins used.  Incredibly warm and breathable and extremely soft and durable.  Perfect for hand or machine quilting.  Made of 50% Alpaca and 50% Cotton, this is ideal for the more temperate climates.  Offered in 4 convenient sizes:  Queen (90" x 108"), Twin (90" x 72"), Lap (45" x 60") or Craft (45" x 36").   Pre-washing of the quilt batting is NOT recommended.  Wash finished quilt with a gentle detergent by hand.  Cool water only.  Lay flat to dry.  Fluff in a warm, not hot dryer when nearly dry.  Dry-cleaning is NOT recommended.  Shrinkage about 2% after first washing.

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