Alpaca Dryer Balls

Alpaca felted dryer balls are a great addition to anyone's laundry room.  The alpaca fiber is natural- no harsh chemicals, plastics or synthetics being added to your dryer and thus your clothes.  Alpaca fiber is naturally anti-microbial.  Using our Alpaca Dryer Balls SAVES you money by aerating your clothes as they tumble, allowing them to dry faster, thus reducing your drying time and electric/gas bill. Smooth felted ball do not damage your garments

By placing a couple of drops of essential oils on one of your felted alpaca dryer balls, you can introduce the scent of your choice.

We recommend using three (3) balls in the dryer all the time.   Dryer balls can also save you money, as you will probably do away with fabric softeners and dryer sheets.  They make a great gift for anyone.  Sold as a set of 3.

273 dryer balls


Price: $15.75

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