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Alpaca Fly Tie Kit

The Alpaca Fly Tie Kit was our first product we sold in our store in Missouri more than 17 years ago and it is still a favorite.  We have combined an assortment of fine and course alpaca fiber sheared from our herd of alpacas in a wide range of colors from white to black.  We have also hand dyed some favorite colors to add to your favorite tying pattern.  This year we have also included directions for a special pattern and a “little bit of bling” to entice those fish even more.   Made right at Whirlwind Ranch. (#283)   This photo is of flies tied using the fiber in this kit.  Special thanks and appreciation to the members of the Missouri Trout Fisherman’s Assoc- Greater Kansas City Chapter.

alpaca flies


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Tying Flies the Paraloop Way

Tying Flies the Paraloop Way by Ian Moulter.  Great guide to a new way of tying flies from traditional to the new concept of “open loop”.  Provides instruction on when and how to fish with these new flies.  Color photos, 191 pages

alpaca flies  Add our Fly Tie Alpaca Fiber Kit to your book and be on your way to some great fly tying!



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