Extreme Alpaca Boot Sock

The Extreme Alpaca Boot Sock is the same as the Extreme Alpaca Sock only taller and ideal to wear with boots.  They are warm, soft and wick moisture away from your feet.  We have many hunters and folks who have to work out in the bitter cold who wear them.  Enjoy wearing our Extreme Alpaca Boot Sock and cold feet can be a thing of the past.  They should be hand washed in cold water and be laid flat to dry.  Made in the USA of 74% Alpaca, 24% Nylon and 2% Elastic. (#156)

We are sorry to report that the Fiber Co-op closed it's doors and we are no longer able to get these socks.  We only have a few size XXL in stock (14-17).   Please see our Outdoor Alpaca Sock for other sizes.

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Price: $31.00

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