Dye your “buns”
This class is great for the young and old who want to play with colors using items from your kitchen. Students will dye provided yarn and roving samplers.  Approx. 2 hrs. Min. 2 Max 12 students.  Cost per student: $30.00

Variegated Acid Dyeing
For those who like variations, this is the perfect dye class. Students will learn how to prep their skeins, dyes and pots to create truly one of a kind skeins. All materials provided including a light lunch. Approx. 4 hours.  Min 2, Max 8 students.  Cost per student: $50.00

Full Day of Dyeing
BOTH Dye your “buns” and Variegated Acid Dyeing classes on the same day- save $75.00 per person.

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Paca Parenthood Class

For those new to the world of alpacas, our “Paca Parenthood” class is tailored to your specific needs from basic handling and care to getting ready for birthing season.  Several hands-on work sessions.   Classes vary with livestock experience level and will range from 4- 6 hours.  Priced accordingly.


Sorting & Grading Alpaca Fiber

Learn how to get the best out of each fleece by sorting and skirting it to get to it’s full potential and the reasoning behind it.  We will be hands-on with one of your fleeces or one of ours showing why we skirt a fleece a certain way based on what we want to do with it.  This basic education can be applied to almost any type of fleece to enhance the quality of your fiber and finished products.  Class will range from 3-4 hours.  $40 per person